Dashboard Week Summary

by Tobias Fitschen

The dashboard week wraps up the four month training program. Each day you produce a dashboard and present it to colleagues. However, the task and data sets vary strongly. For instance, it can be necessary to do some form of data preparations. In the following I will describe the key learnings/insights from my perspective.

  1. Write yourself a schedule each day. In the morning Peter (coach) posts what should be done until the presentation in the afternoon. This can be a blog, a sketch or data prep. Give each task a slot. Try to stick to it, but if it necessary you can work a little longer on a specific task. But time is sparse.
  2. Read the post about the task carefully and click on any links presented in the post. It is crucial to understand what the task is in order to produce an adequate output. Moreover, there are often links in the task post that lead to pages containing additional information or inspiration. Click them, they are very useful.
  3. Do not overscope your dashboard. As metioned previously, time is sparse. It will be close to impossible to implement every single idea of yours. Try to figure out early which ideas have a big impact and do not go too deep into your time budget.
  4. Be creative. The dashboard week is a great opportunity to try out something new and to improve your Tableau Public profile. You can try a new color palette or a new dashboard format. The data sets will provide ample occasions. Enjoy!

I quite enjoyed the dashboard week personally and if you consider the learnings above you should as well!

Cheers, Tobias

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