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The value our consultants bring

The training begins with a rigorous diverse 4-month training programme for both Tableau and Alteryx. This leverages all the experience and knowledge of The Information Lab team, drawing from the 40,000 consulting days delivered since 2010

Dataschool consultants often come from strong maths and/or science backgrounds which help them become incredibly capable with these tools within a short period.

They come armed with both technical and soft skills to support your organisation to make the most of your data.

  • Understand trends and identify unique insights
  • Help you make better-informed decisions
  • Obtain greater value from your data
  • Solve your biggest data challenges
Middlesex University

The Data School has been paramount to our success at JLL. It has allowed us to bring in highly skilled Tableau and Alteryx consultants It saves considerable time trying to recruit contractors as I know their skills and training are to the highest standard.

Over the past 5 years my team has developed analytical insights which have generated multi million dollar savings of which a considerable amount can be attributed to the Data School consultants we have had working on projects.

Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman
Global Director of Performance Management, BI and Innovation at JLL

The Information Lab team do a great job of selecting raw talent, which they refine and also go on to see them grow as Tableau Ambassadors, Alteryx ACEs or Tableau Visionaries.

This year, one of our Data School members won the prestigious Iron Viz championship, which also helped us to gain a large internal traction and marketing, showing the skills and value that the team can add.

The other benefit of the data school we find is the six month placements. They really work well in supporting our approach to the size of the team which we can scale up and down as demand requires. At times, we have had three DS working together at capacity, whilst at other times this can drop down to one.

I couldn’t recommend the programme enough, in fact we have permanently recruited one of our data school alumni who has continued to grow and develop whilst with JLL.

The Data School in Numbers

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The Details

Hiring a Data School Consultant

Data School consultants remain employees of The Information Lab for the full two and a half years of this programme.

Our consultants must complete four 6-month long placements (P1, P2, P3, P4) before they complete their certification and can be considered for permanent roles.

Expert Skills

Placement 1

Consultants come with expert skill level and training undertaken to rival most experienced analysts, plus project experience of real-world client issues.

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Added Experience

Placement 2

With all the expertise included in Placement 1 plus 6 months dedicated client experience, you can rely on Placement 2 consultants to raise the game of your whole team.

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Added Experience

Placement 3

Our most experienced consultants, able to help lead a small team and train large groups of your analysts. The final placement before permanent hire.

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Option to Hire

Placement 4

As our consultants leave The Information Lab, they are available for permanent hire. Organisations who have hired our consultants on a temporary basis will be given priority.

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The Blog

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