Nested LOD: Window Max across a dimension but as an LOD

by Terrence Miller

Decided to challenge myself by doing what would be a pretty simple Window_Max as an LOD for a Workout Wednesday.

Simplest way to approach this is by starting with a table.

In here Linkedin post Lorna says to use an LOD so I went for it with an LOD.

My first instinct was to fix on State and Subcategory and then Max that.

This unfortunately doesn't line up with the window max. Next thought was to see how it looked when taking state off the shelf and that didn't work either.

After some other trial and error I found the solution.

Everything that was initially done in my first instinct needed to stay the same but I needed one other thing. To fix that at the State level when maxing it so that it doesn't reset for each sub-category.

Mon 21 Aug 2023

Mon 21 Aug 2023

Wed 19 Jul 2023