How to create a must include filter.

by Terrence Miller

Today I attempted Workout Wednesday 2021 Week 10.

The majority of this workout Wednesday is pretty easy.

 4 BANS (used a lod for % of total),
 A Chart with Order ID, Customer, Sales, and Quantity.

More Difficult:
  1. Allow user to filter to orders with specific products specified
  2. Then allow the user to require that an order must also include an additional    product they specify.

My first thought was to have a set for product names and allow users to input the values of the sets with dropdowns. Then filter using that set. If only using 1 set it would allow the user to select 1 product or another so 2 sets have to be made.

The Solution

  • Create 2 sets for products. (This is what the users will use as the dropdown)
     I used Product Name Set P (primary) and Product Name Set S (secondary)
  • Now we have to filter our table for products that are in both set
     The logic for this is we want Orders where Product 1 and Product 2 are within  that order.

    Here is the calculated field I used:

Add this calculated field to your charts as a filter and you are mostly finished.

  • Next add all of your sheets to your dashboard.
  • Click on the more options arrow on one of your dashboard items and go to sets
  • Add both of the sets you created to your dashboard.
  • Change the setting on the second set to values within context.

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