Presenting Tips

by Tara Robinson

When I started the data school I was always very nervous when it came to presenting. This was one skill I was hoping to improve on at the data school. I am now two months into the data school and I have been told by so many people how far I have come since the first time I presented. So here are my tips on how to get better.

1. Practice is key.

The more you practice the better you will be this goes for everything. As a tip do not try write a script and memorize everything. This will make you more nervous and  will throw you off if you forget what your saying. Instead try keep notes to a minimum and try turn it into a story its easier to remember then a script. I have signed up to present at a meet and greet as this will allow me to practise infront of a large auidience.

2. Make sure you know the data as well as you can.

This will make speaking about it a lot easier. It will sound more professional if you have learnt the data well as you know what you are talking about.

3. Ask for help

If your not a natural presenter like myself then asking for help is the best thing you can do. There are loads of people who are willing to give you feedback or even help you work out what you want to say. Feedback helps you improve do not see it as not criticism.

4. Nerves are completely normal.

Your going to be nervous and that is ok take deep breathes and remember the audience are all human to. They are  expecting you to be nervous and therefore mistakes happen but that is ok.

Don't panic just breath and carry on.

Finally you are not the only one going through this. At the data school we have all been in your shoes so we all want to encourage and help you with the feedback we have been given ourselves.

Shout out to my cohort, DS35 as they are always pushing me to get better at presenting and have always been there afterwards with positive feedback on how I done. There support has helped motivate me and push myself to get  great way for get better and I am always looking for ways to improve myself through learning and practice.

Thu 26 Jan 2023

Thu 26 Jan 2023

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