Alteryx Core Exam: "Failure is another stepping stone to greatness." ― Oprah Winfrey

by Tara Robinson

So I have sat my Alteryx core exam 4 times with each time my knowledge has improved and my percentage has increased and I can say I have finally passed. This exam is not to see whether you will pass it is to see where your knowledge gaps are and where you need to go back over and learn. This blog will look at my tips on how to approach and hopefully how to pass the Alteryx exam. But don't worry if you fail it can always be done again.

The first time you take this test it might seem awfully daunting. All your life before this you have been told you must pass everything you do. But that is not the case not everyone is going to be incredible at the same thing. But we can learn and we can all get better.

The beauty of this exam is its free and you can retake every 7 days.

My advice

Retake it as soon as you can

If you fail definitely retake as soon as you can because your reiterating your knowledge and recapping the places that didn't do so well- if you leave it longer then your more likely going to need to recap everything.

Timing of the exam

You might run out of time the first time you do the exam. That is ok because next time you know the layout of the exam and you will also know how to approach  questions. I recommend just tick an answer if your unsure and flag it and move on you can come back to this at the end. The quicker you answer things the more time you have to go back over it.

Interactive lessons

Interactive lessons are going to be your friend for this exam go over them before as this will cover all the core knowledge you need plus there are practice questions after each.

Alteryx Challenges

I also recommend doing some Alteryx challenges this will help you for the practical questions. The more you do the faster you will get at answering these.

Take pictures of questions

If there are any questions you are stuck on take a picture (though this is not recommended by all), but you might be able to get a better understanding of how to go about answering them.

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Thu 26 Jan 2023

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