Application Viz Re-Do

by Serena Purslow

This weeks' presentation challenge, was to take the Tableau Dashboards we had created for our applications, and re-build them based on feedback from the Interview, and what we have learnt over the past 2 weeks.

My original dashboard was on Shark attacks in Australia. You can check this out, along with my re-built dashboard, down below.

For me, re-building my dashboard meant:

  • Adding supplementary data with population
  • Changing my map to include said population
  • Adding population to my line graph
  • Removing text - the user should be able to see all take-home key points, without reading masses of text
  • Using more white space to make the viz more appealing.
  • Using containers as opposed to Tiled boxes to keep my viz looking the same

To do this, I had to join my original data set to a new data set with population data in it. It should be noted that I did NOT do this correctly, so some of the population data on my new Viz in incorrect. Lesson to learn: Make sure you know HOW you're joining your datasets.

Anyway, despite this hiccup, visually, my second Viz is a huge improvement. Check them out below.

My Application Viz:

My Re-Built Viz