What did it take to get into DSDE5?

by Peter Gamble-Beresford

DSDE5 are in the final week of the training period! As we look to congratulate them on completing their training, and welcome our next cohort, let's take a look at what our current Consultants submitted when they were applying to join us.

Below are two images per person, the first of which is their initial application, the second of which is their final interview application.

Please feel free to click the images and explore the visualisations, or click through to our consultants' profile pages.

If you think you've got what it takes to join us, do get in touch! We are happy to help you learn during the process of applying - click here to find out more!

Ali Fawwaz

World Happiness Report
LA Safety Dashboard

Benjamin Wortmann

MHD Mortality Analysis
LA Crime Dashboard

Matthias Albert

Don't walk to the party in LA

Tobias Fitschen

Cocaine Prices
Crimes in Los Angeles

Peter Gamble-Beresford

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