The Monkey in Your Head



We all know the feeling of having a Task to do and telling ourselves:

"Today is the day. I will finish all the Work."

And then we catch ourselves watching a 2-hour Iceberg of "Craziest Conspiracy Theories" or end up watching Interviews with Justin Bieber's Mom.

So the original plan we had, was flooded away by our Procrastination.

But why?


The Brain of a non Procrastinatior

The non Procrastinator

  • Has Plans
  • Is doing things that make sense
  • Future Oriented
  • Rational Thinker


vs. The Brain of a Procrastinator

The Procrastinator

  • still has Plans
  • still wants to make things that do sense
  • still has plans for the future
  • Rational Thinking


There is also the "Instant Gratification Monkey" and it isn't that rational and doesn't give a damn about the Future. It wants fun, and immediate.


And theeeeeeen

You lost control...

Dark Playground


Two kinds of Procrastination


A Life Calendar


Rui Pedro Fernandes Ramos
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