DSNY2 - Dashboard Week DAY 2: Effective Data Communication - Initial Questions/Asks For A Task Flow

by Mohammed Uddin

   “Effective data communication”. Seems pretty daunting doesn’t it? Although it is a critical part of the consulting process; its purpose is understanding data. So in order to do this, it’s best to understand the general flow of a task.

These questions are my creed when going into a project.

  1. Who is the audience?                           Program Manager, Stakeholders, The Boss
  • How data-savvy are they?                 - 90% of communication will be with this person
  • They are the ones                               - The person asking you to build.

     who will receive the work.

2. What do you need them to do?

  • Action/Verb (CHANGE)

3. How will the data help?

  • Prove your point (Explain)
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Be able to grasp/verbalize a chart.

4. Where are the highlights? What's interesting?

  • If these can’t be answered, it's fine! Just need to dig deeper by doing more EDA.
  • Sometimes nothing interesting is happening. This might mean it's business as usual.

5. Where should they focus on?

  • Investigate the WHY.
  • Offer recommendations, but not instructions on how to do their business.
  • That is their job and field of expertise.

   In conclusion, these initial questions help understand the general background of a project. It’s as if you're sketching the outline of your portrait. Something important to learn is you will always be refining, revising, and rewriting your work. It is better to do it sooner than later. I hope this helps and gives you some insight to tackle your next project.