Dashboard Week: The Final Dashboard

by Lauren Halliwell

Today was our final day of dashboard week, and DS34's last day of training. For our final dashboard, we were tasked with using the NRL data we scraped yesterday alongside super league data, to answer a question of choice. I chose to answer how rugby league had changed pre and post Covid.

One difference compared to previous days, was that we only had 3 hours to prep the data and build our final dashboard. I focused on making sure that my idea was able to be created within such a small time-frame. I feel like after spending the past few days, building dashboards and working in Alteryx, I have been able to increase the speed at which I can do such things and hence over-estimated how much time my idea would have taken.

I made sure to use as much of what I had learned in training as I could in the time-frame, e.g. I created a butterfly chart, used dynamic zone visibility, parameters and more in my dashboard, while still making sure to answer the initial question.

If I was to make changes to my dashboard, I would have used even more of the data available, to look into why these pre and post Covid effects occurred.


Lauren Halliwell

Thu 24 Nov 2022

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