Dashboard Week: Big Data Set

by Lauren Halliwell

Today we were challenged with creating a dashboard using a dataset containing 42,500 apartments and 250,000 rooms. We were given no direction to follow, only that we had to use this data set.

My initial plan was to create an interactive dashboard which would allow the user to pick their dream apartment from certain characteristics in the data.

An issue with the data was that the spatial fields were not in the correct format and initially we had to find a way to make the WKT text usable. After this, getting the points to create a shape was more difficult than I had previously expected. I spent a lot of time in Alteryx, attempting to get the rooms, however, as I had used convex hull rather than sequence polygon to create the shapes, my shapes were overlapping. I will attempt to rectify this as soon as possible.

Spending so much time in Alteryx, meant that I had less time than I had initially expected to create my dashboard, and hence could not have made it as interactive as I had previously wanted.

However, this time I was able to create a dashboard in time, which was formatted and useful for the target audience.

Tomorrow, we will be working on an Alteryx only challenge and I am excited to use what I have practised today on another challenge.


Lauren Halliwell

Fri 25 Nov 2022

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