What I've learned so far in Tableau Desktop (1 month of training in DSNY2)

by Juliet Craig

I started training October 3, 2022 and today is October 28. In that time, our cohort has gotten a wide spread of tools to be acquainted with. Subtracting the week we spent with Tableau Prep Builder and a week with Alteryx, we had roughly a week and a half of Tableau Desktop training. In that short time, our cohort has been eager to touch on as much as we can in Tableau. Thanks to our Coach, Ann Jackson, this is some of the stuff we’ve learned so far:

Charts I’ve built (using Superstore Data):

Bar charts

Scatter plots

Line charts

Cumulative line charts

% of total & stacked bar chart

Pie charts

Donut charts

Tree Maps

Word clouds


Heat maps/Highlight tables


Pareto charts

Top N bar charts

Dot plots


Area charts

Jitter plots & box and whisker plots

Analytical Concepts:

Level of Detail (LOD) expressions

Trend lines

Average reference lines

Dual axis

Calculated fields


Index() function

KPI (key performance indicator)

BAN (big angry numbers)

Table Calculations

% difference

% of total

Running total

Tableau Features:

Difference between “blue & green things” (measures vs values & continuous vs discrete)

Difference between date parts and date values


Marks card

Tooltip customization

Color preferences (sequential, diverging, or categorical)

Parameter settings (apply button, single/multiselect)

Groups, hierarchies, sets

Axis vs Headers

Customizing the axis

Splitting fields by delimiters

Containers on dashboards

And finally, the benefits of naming your worksheets appropriately (I could still use more practice with this)

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