Dashboard Week - Day 5

by Juliet Craig

Final day of dashboard week and we had SurvivoR data! This was the application data for DSNY3 and they had 2 weeks to complete their application, DSNY2 had 1 day. Michael asked us to create our dashboard like an application viz.

First, I grabbed some tables and ran them through Alteryx.

The part of the data that interested me the most was the "advantage_details" table. This described all of the advantages each season had and what they did. These include the immunity idols that allow the castaways to be safe from being voted out. The second table is "advantage_movement" which describes what happened to the advantage. This includes the castaway that had the advantage and what they did with it (revived, played, found, etc). Finally, I joined the advantage details with the corresponding castaway from the "castaways" table.

I wanted to highlight the movement of the advantages and how the players use them to win Survivor.

Here are some main KPIs from the dataset:

Next I wanted to explore what an advantage is. I divided up and counted the types of advantages, as well as explored what events were associated with the advantages.

Next I wanted to visualize how long the advantages were in play. In some episodes, as immunity advantage is found and the user hides it until it is played. Sometimes these idols were hidden across multiple episodes, or used the same day it was found. A few times the advantages were lost when the contestant who had it was voted out and it never got used. I tracked the events over time (episodes) and when you hover over an event you can see which castaways did it. When you hover over on the gray bar, you can see the duration of how long the advantage was in play.

I also noticed that some people received advantages and gave them away to another player. Purple is played for themselves, and green is played for someone else. When you hover over the bars you can see who the castaway played the advantage for and if they were the sole survivor or not. This was interesting because Survivor is a social game and to play in alliances can help you fo further in the game.

Finally, I wanted to see if the advantages are worth it. Using the drop down menu you can filter between regular castaways and sole survivors (winners). I wanted to see if the winners generally play the advantages for themselves and if they have an advantage do they win? Another question I wanted to answer was if the contestant did not win, did they typically have advantages or not?

In conclusion, I think getting advantages helps you win survivor as well as playing the advantage for another tribe member is helpful to winning survivor.

At the end of the day on Friday we had a big celebration presentation and invited some of DSNY3. I'm thankful to finish up training and feel that much smarter, looking foward to what's coming up next.

Thu 26 Jan 2023

Thu 26 Jan 2023

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