Dashboard Week Day 4: Boy Bands

For the final day of dashboard week, we were given data for different boy bands over the years and were tasked with craeting a dashboard. There were two data sets: about the band and about the members in the band. These could be related to each other very easily by using the relationship model to join them by band name.

My idea of how to visualize the data, was to split it into two sections. First section giving some overall information on the bands in general. With the second section allowing you to select a particular band with som KPIs and information on each band member.

When making a start to the dashboard, I knew that I wanted to have the image change depending on the which band is selected. To achieve this I would use the custom images method that I used with the NASA dashboard. This took a lot of time because I had to find, download and assign each individual image per band.

Habeeb Gayle
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