Dashboard Week Day 5: The Best Rugby League Players

by Finn Charlton

My goal for today was to use rugby league stats to find the best players in the New Zealand / Australian NRL and the British Super League. I started off by defining metrics to measure how good players had performed relative to their peers.

I defined 3 metrics in the end: one to find the best backs, one to find the best forwards and one to find the best kickers. These used different stats, as different things are important in these different roles. Here are the metrics I settled on:

To rate the backs
To rate the forwards
To rate kickers

These metrics let me define the best rugby league players in each of these roles. My final dashboard highlighted the top 10 in each of these metrics - and lets the user explore how they stack up with their peers in multiple stats. Check it out on Tableau Public! https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/finn.charlton/viz/FindingtheBestRugbyLeaguePlayers/Findingthebestplayersintheworld

The final dashboard