Dashboard Week Day 4: Dynamic Select Use Case

by Finn Charlton

Today we were tasked with web-scraping data from the New Zealand / Australian Rugby League. Instead of talking through this workflow...

...I thought I'd focus on a little trick I used within it.

At one point, my data was in this format - alternating columns of Name and Value columns that all needed renaming:

To do this, I wanted to select every odd numbered column and use them to rename the even numbered columns. This was the part of the flow I used:

I used the dynamic select (which I believe to be named after Nathan "Dynamic Select" Purvis) tool to choose every other column. This was the configuration for the one selecting the odd columns:

This modulo function returns the remainder of the column name when divided by 2. If it is equal to 1, it means the column name is odd. Another similar one was used to

I then used two dynamic rename tools to rename the even numbered columns. The first renamed the odd numbered columns with the first row of data:

And the second renames the even numbered columns using the metadata from the above data. The result is nicely renamed columns!