The Value of Data Quality Feedback

by Eamonn Woodham

We had our first external client project last week where we were creating multiple dashboards for our client. For my part I was on the data prep/ data quality team so when it came time to present our work I was feeding back to the client what data quality issues we faced when working with data, what we did to get around these problems and also what steps they could be made to prevent such issues from occurring moving forward.

The client was very data aware and was keen to make improvements to the way they store their data so that they could better utilize it moving forward. They also mentioned that they have come along way over recent years because they used to be even worse when it came to storing and using data but they did know that they had more work to do. This meant that they were very appreciative of the feedback that I gave them as it meant that they could take the next steps to further improving their data management.

It was very helpful for me to see this as it was our first external client and before this we had never gotten hand on with real data from a client to see what was wrong with it and start working towards getting it cleaned. Hearing the feedback and appreciation from the client was great as it reminded me of how valuable this information can be to clients.


Eamonn Woodham

Thu 26 Jan 2023

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