Lyon Abido

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Lyon Abido is an aspiring data analyst who is thrilled to leverage his background in teaching to develop as an effective data communicator. Wanting to rekindle his interest in his area of study during university (Government), Lyon looks forward to learning about the implications of data governance and how data analytics consulting plays into this growing topic of importance.

Deeply excited to learn and work with TIL+, Lyon is hoping that he will be able to apply his skills in supporting organizations centered on social services and Data for Good initiatives.

Apart from his passion for volunteering, Lyon is hopeful that he will have ample opportunities to support the Data School with teaching and training. He would love nothing more than to volunteer for "Thursday Trainings at 3" events.

When not working and learning, Lyon enjoys spending time with friends and family. He especially loves to hear all about the creative endeavors that his little sister gets up to.