Beau Foletti

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Before joining the data school, Beau worked as a landscape gardener, working in London and Melbourne. He started working for his family business and has since worked on various projects from Camden estates to Chelsea Flower show. He decided to join the data school to learn more about data and its applications and for a chance to work with highly reputable companies.

Beau Foletti graduated from the University of Manchester in Environmental Science. Throughout his course, especially in his final dissertation, Beau used data to quantify environmental problems and processes, from air quality to weather prediction. It was after university that he began to see the power of data in real world applications and how important it would be in the future for various industries.

When not manipulating data, Beau spends his time with his other passions. He creates music with friends whilst also directing a small, online music community. He is always looking to try new things and to get better at old ones. He enjoys cooking and photography and still enjoys gardening when the chance arises.

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