Dashboard Week: Day 5

by Ben Winsey

Dashboard week has come and gone, and wow was it a cracker. Days set of tasks saw us having to create a dashboard on rugby league data.

I would like to start this blog by saying today was not my day, there are a number of things I would choose to improve upon.

Firstly, the filters on the left hand side could be vastly improved by instead choosing parameter actions. Not only for a cleaner look, but this would also improve the user-friendliness of the dashboard. Instead of removing the filters (which would then include all the values on top of one-another) the user would have pre-set options. The two would be similar in the fact that they would only be able to see one player's stats at a time, however it would be somewhat less complicated and, for use of a better word, ugly.

Secondly, given more time I would like to have explored and normalised the data more in order to have a proportionally representative version of the stats. By this I mean a 'points per game' or to include the efficiency in certain stats such as 'errors per meters made'. Having proper metrics rather than the base level statistics would improve the evaluative nature of the information I had included instead of seeing them at 'face value'.

All in all, I am glad there are areas I can and will improve upon in the future. I would prefer to have been humbled as opposed being boosted up.

Thu 24 Nov 2022

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