Dashboard Week: Day 4 - Scraping the Web!

by Arnold Quarcoo

On the 4th day of our dashboard week, we were tasked to web scrap data on National Rugby League. Each member of our cohort was assigned 2 teams and to scrap data on score, play by play commentary and player statistics for both teams in each game... There was a lot of problems.

The majority of day was spent trying to understand the code behind the page, we were used to html code, however the website we were tasked to scrape contained JavaScript inside html; something we have never done before... Thank you Lorna :) But what is a task if there is no challenging aspect to it right.

Despite this, some progress was made as I was able to scrap the data on score for one of my teams & the teams the played from 2017 to 2020. In order to allow for the user to decide which year they wanted to scrap data on, I created ana analytical app in Alteryx to automate this process for them rather them manually changing the year within the URL themselves. Below is a screenshot of my workflow, still to be finished.


Arnold Quarcoo

Fri 25 Nov 2022

Wed 23 Nov 2022

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Wed 05 Oct 2022