Dashboard Week: Day 3 - Large Data!

by Arnold Quarcoo

On the 3rd day of our dashboard week we were tasked in creating a dashboard, of our own stylistic choosing, using the very large dataset on Swiss Dwellings; which can be found here.

Initially, I spent an age trying to understand the various fields within the dataset and what insights I would be able to gain. This was a fairly slow process when just looking at field headers & descriptions so I decided to import the data in to Alteryx to try and better understand it... this did not help. One of the data files was comprised of millions of rows of data and some fields even had large portions of null rows. When in Alteryx, I attempted to create spatial object which would map the separate apartments. At first glance I thought I made a very big error considering the apartments I had mapped across the entire world, however, after further analysis I realised that this was an error within the dataset itself. After the removal of fields that I deemed irrelevant for my dashboard, I outputted the files as a hyper and took it to Tableau.

When in Tableau, my idea was to create a dashboard that allows you to 'Create your ideal home'. This involved selecting a range of parameter/filters such as 'size of house', 'do you want wheelchair accessibility?' etc. When an individual was to select a parameter this would remove apartments on the map that did not fit this criteria, allowing them to narrow down the apartments to select few. However, time constraints meant that only a few parameters/filters were able to included within the dashboard.

Changes that need to applied:

  1. Ensuring the spatial object actually maps the layout of each apartment properly.
  2. Ensuring the parameters/filters are all added and work.
  3. Ensuring the dashboard is finished and fully formatted.

Arnold Quarcoo

Fri 25 Nov 2022

1 mins read

Wed 05 Oct 2022