Dashboard day 4

by Angelica Obi

Today was our final day of dashboard week and therefore our final day of training. It should have been a really sad day with lots of tears, but there was no time to cry because we only had 3 HOURS to create a dashboard that answered a question set by our coach. The data set was rugby again and despite trying to do some research on it, I really don't understand that sport and it just made things even harder for me.

The questions I wanted to answer was which team gave away the most penalties and set restarts. The task can be found here.

Honestly not sure that I succeeded. I needed more time for sure because by the time I had done all the calculations and figured out exactly what I will do, there was very little time left.

This was my sketch but the final dashboard looked different.
All in all, there's still lots of room for improvement and I'm going to have a little time on bench so I know for sure that i'll improve with the practice.

Mon 08 Aug 2022

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