What did it take to get into DS21?

by Andy Kriebel

DS21's time in training has come and gone with a flash. I'm super impressed time and time again by the quality of the people that make The Data School what it is. And by people, I don't mean their applications; I'm referring to them as people, their backgrounds, what makes each of them unique, and how that helps us all grow.

Before they can get in, though, they must apply. It's getting harder and harder to secure a space, yet that seems to be encouraging more and more people to apply.

With that, here's one of the visualizations each member of DS21 created. These might be their first application, their first interview, or the final interview. You'll notice a common theme: they ensured that there was nothing "extra" in their work. They kept their visualizations clear, provided context, and communicated well.

Alex HirstApplicationTableau Public
Alisha DhillonApplicationTableau Public
Jake ReillyApplicationTableau Public
Joe KernaghanApplicationTableau Public
Lukas JenningsApplicationTableau Public
Owen BarnesApplicationTableau Public
Priya PadhamApplicationTableau Public
Valerija KirjackajaApplicationTableau Public