What did it take to get into DS17?

by Andy Kriebel

DS18 interviews are coming up next week, so I wanted to look back at what it took to get into DS17. We had another record number of applications for DS18, with nearly 200 candidates submitting their work. The benefits of our application is the diversity of candidates. In fact, we have yet another cohort with more women than men. Few tech companies can compete with our level of gender diversity.

Don’t let this stop you from applying though. Many of the people in each cohort now have been through the interview process more than once. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow through the application process. At worst, you’ll learn a valuable skill.

Let’s take a look at what it took to get into DS17. As you look at these, you might notice the data sets are different. Why?

  • Some of them applied early enough and showed enough promise that we brought them in for an early interview.
  • Some were finalists from previous cohorts, e.g., DS16, and were offered a spot in DS17.
  • Some were offered the role after the final interviews for DS15.

What should you take from this? Apply early. You get more time to iterate on your application and you have the potential to be offered an early interview. Don’t wait! Get your applications in!

Alice Haslett

Clare Fox

Agnieszka Atlasik

Christopher Marland

Collin Smith

Anna Prosvetova

Juliana Camparotti

Ross Easton