What did it take to get into DS16?

by Andy Kriebel

As we approach yet another deadline for applications (they’re coming thick and fast these days), I wanted to look back at what it took to get into DS16. Things are getting a bit crazy at DS HQ as the applications are coming at us incredible fast at incredible volume. We had a record 150 applications for DS15! To put that into context, the previous record number of applications was 105 for DS11.

Don’t let the volume discourage you though. Everyone that applies learns A LOT and those that apply early get the opportunity for feedback from our team to improve their work before the deadline.

And even if you don’t get in the first time, you can apply again. In fact, five of the members of DS16 were in the final interviews for the second time.

Let’s take a look at what it took to get into DS16.

As you look at these, you might notice the data sets are different. Why?

  • Some of them applied early enough and showed enough promise that we brought them in for an early interview.
  • Some were finalists from previous cohorts, e.g., DS15, and were offered a spot in DS16.
  • Some were offered the role after the final interviews for DS14.

What should you take from this? Apply early. You get more time to iterate on your application and you have the potential to be offered an early interview. Don’t wait! Get your applications in!

Charlie Scammell

Joe Beaven

Ryan Lowers

Sylvie Imbert

Eve Thomas

Ellie Carter

Matthew Armstrong

Jamie Bassett