Dashboard week final day: The end

by Algirdas Grajauskas

Well the past four month ran by quickly, it was a lot of fun during the entire time. Since I started I did not feel as confident in my skills but the passion of head-coaches and people around in TIL helped me a lot to grow as a person and as an analyst.

I ran into some hurdles and jumped over others, made mistakes and learned from them. Being able to reflect on these four months is kind of a treat, as I do not get to do this very often. In the end I've learned a lot more in Tableau, and realized that building out views is becoming more natural to me. The trainers were always there to help with any problem that I had, to just sit down and help me go through it.

My data preparation and analysis skills grew too, I understand Alteryx a lot better now and also Tableau Prep, although I prefer Alteryx to prep (sorry Carl).

In the end, I can not thank enough to my head coaches for being there Lorna Brown, Carl Allchin, Robbin Vernooij, Ruth Amarteifio, and Andy Kriebel. I would also like to thank my mentor Oliver Clarke, he is an amazing person who is willing to help you through any problem.

I would also like to add my dashboard from today as a good measure :)

Besides this, these four months were a lot of fun. But now I have to run and end this short blog, as I am attending my graduation party. Thank you for reading <3


Algirdas Grajauskas

Thu 28 Jul 2022

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