Dashboard week: Day 2 - Creativity

by Algirdas Grajauskas

For the second day of dashboard week we were given a dataset where some people might be familiar with and others might not. We were given free reign over the creativity and what we wanted to do.

During the entire process, it was interesting to get a dataset that I was not familiar with and spend most of the time to understand it. My cohort, who understood it more helped me out a lot along the way, and I used that opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. My general tip for any new things would be, if you do not understand it do not be afraid to ask questions.

After understanding the dataset more, I had to think of what I would need to do in order to build out the said dashboard. Through out the whole data, I realized that as someone who has no clue about football, I would find it interesting to understand the history of it and historical data from the start of FIFA World cup to the latest one. Therefore, I went for a more "overview analytical approach" towards the dashboard.

I have wanted to do a lot more things with it, such as drilldowns based on the player rewards to find out which individual players got what kind of rewards, and to see what countries they belonged to. That I was not able to do with the time given to me. What I did learn though, is that it is important to tell people ,when presenting, what you wanted to do as it gives more context to them and makes the entire dashboard more interesting. Therefore, do not be afraid to talk about concepts and what you wanted to do.

Finally, I realized that the way I saw this dashboard, to me it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, reflected in my presentation too. My self-critical nature became a hinderance and prevented from actually being confident. Therefore, my advice to everyone reading is be confident in your work, no matter what it is.

You've most likely applied things you've learned in DS and most definitely showed improvement since the beginning of starting, the only way is up. As an addition I've added my dashboard :)

Dashboard project iteration #1

Thank you for reading :)


Algirdas Grajauskas

Fri 29 Jul 2022

Thu 28 Jul 2022

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