Cheesed to meet you ;)

by Algirdas Grajauskas

The third day of Dashboard week brought to us a 1830 types of cheeeese.

We had to make our own dataset from a website, remembering how to webscrape was a lot of fun.

Some tips and tricks for webscraping would be to install any external notepad style program which would help one to find the XML code (without using inspect element on a google chrome/firefox). Therefore, whenever working with webscraped data instead of trying to capture an individual group, it's better to tokenize the <div> </div> areas into their own rows and use those to filter the data out.

This will narrow down the individual divisions of the text, from there on forward just work in small chunks and use regEX to parse out the data you want to find.

Most importantly don't forget to have fun, do not stress yourself too much and just take things at your own pace, this will help you in the long run. Find a thing you enjoy, and become good at it whether it's Tableau dashboard building or data preparation, this will let you to manage your time better and enjoy the whole process more.

Adding my dashboard just for fun :P

Thank you for reading :)


Algirdas Grajauskas

Fri 29 Jul 2022

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