Best Browser Extensions For Data-Driven Minds

by Alex Bernaciak

Embarking on the journey of data analysis often entails endless web navigation, searching for answers or new datasets. After joining the Information Lab, I decided to draw from the expertise of my experienced colleagues and asked what tools they use to enhance their web surfing journeys.

Here's a list of some extensions that might help those looking to enrich their experiences as data-driven netizens. They all have different functions, so be sure to check out what they offer!

  1. Fontanello
    Have you ever seen an outstanding font online and wished to use it in your work but didn't know how to find it? Fontanello is here to help! This free web extension allows you to identify any font you encounter online. It's extremely useful if you're looking to enhance your visual work or want to ensure your font matches the one found on your client's website.

  2. Ghostery
    Ghostery is a must-have for anyone tired of data trackers identifying you and creating your consumer profile, often without consent. This free web extension disables trackers, pop-ups, and some ads on most websites. It includes a dashboard that informs you of all the trackers present on the website, allowing you to choose what comes through.

  3. Colorzilla
    Colorzilla is a fantastic choice for those looking to improve their visual work. This web extension color picker provides HEX codes for any color you find online, helping you copy the correct color palettes and save time.

  4. Coolors
    Coolors is a godsend for anyone, like me, who struggles to determine which colors work together well. It's a freemium online page that generates different color combinations and tests them against fonts and other shades. It's a great tool for enhancing your visualizations!

Bonus for Windows users:

Zoomit is a must-have for anyone presenting on their computer, both online and in person. This free software provided by Microsoft allows you to zoom, annotate, and record on your screen, enhancing on-screen navigation. With Zoomit, you can ensure your audience knows

Microsoft PowerToys
If I had to choose only one thing out of this list, that’d probably be my choice. PowerToys is a bundle of little programs customizing your Windows experience. It provides you with endless number of little useful tools including Image Resizer, Mouse Utilities, Fancy Zones, Always On Top and many many more! If you have windows as your OS, definitely check it out!

There are many more extensions available in browser stores. Be sure to explore their offerings and see what suits your needs. However, only rely on extensions you trust, as anything you install on your browser may access the data on the websites you visit.