Dashboard Week | Day 5: Dashboarding

by Hannah Laughton

Today is the final day of dashboard week (whoo hooo)! My tactic for today was to keep it simple due to the time constraint (we only had until 12:30 today). As a result of this, my dashboard isn’t jazzy, but it answered the question I needed to answer – and I was finished on time. I didn’t go down a rabbit hole and I didn’t bite off more than I could chew (the advice that the coaches gave throughout dashboard week to ensure a complete product at the end of today). So, knowing my limitations, I acted accordingly.

My question that I chose to answer was:

Penalties & Set Restarts: Does the referee favour the home or away team?

I wanted to use all three data sources to create three dashboards as this would enhance the analysis (larger sample size).  My approach was to start with one data set and move to the next if time allowed. By lunchtime, I had one dashboard and so, this is what I presented (see attached). When looking at the data, I kept thinking of how heated things get when supporters think a ref is being biased by dishing out penalties that they don't necessarily agree with. Therefore, I based the majority of my analysis off total and average number of penalties given. I also included teams and players that were sent off (if any). The high level KPIs give immediate insight, which can prompt additional analysis using the graph specific to each team and the graph for referee penalty count. Dynamic zone visibility allows the user to swap between home and away teams (although, based on my feedback, this is not actually ideal as want to compare side by side). The filters also enable the user to delve into the penalties for a specific team(s). Another bit of feedback I received, was to give numbers relating to both the teams and the games played (i.e average penalties per team, per game). Lastly, I totally forgot to include a key for total and average but hey - it's been a long week.


Hannah Laughton

Thu 24 Nov 2022

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