Dashboard Week - Day 3

by Juliet Craig

Working with APIs!

Today's challenge was to find information from the Rick and Morty API!

Starting in Alteryx, I accessed the API to gather information about "Locations" and "Characters."

I highly suggest taking a look at Liam Wood's blog to get more information about how to access the API.

In my workflow, I started by paging through the different locations in Rick and Morty. After grabbing the information about the location ID, location name, dimension, and list of resident IDs. I then took the resident IDs to use the API to grab all the characters from each location.

I sorted all the locations and characters out into different charts. Each section asks the audience a different question and the user is meant to click on a mark to filter out a hidden list of characters. This is meant to give the user an answer of which character they are most like.

Here is a list of some of the characters that match the selections the user chose.

For today's dashboard challenge I wanted to have some fun with the data. Since I am not familiar with the show, it was fun to explore the dataset and make it a little more personal.

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