To-Do Lists: To do or not to do?

by Jeffrey Brian Thompson

To-do lists are like a game. Some people love them because they help keep track of what needs to be done. Others feel stressed out just looking at them. Let's quickly look at the good and the bad sides of using to-do lists.

Why To-Do Lists Are Great

  1. Clear Mind: Writing things down means you don't have to keep remembering them.
  2. Stay Organized: You can see what's more important and do those things first.
  3. Feel Good: Finishing a task and crossing it off feels awesome!
  4. Don't Forget: Helps you remember everything you need to do.

Why To-Do Lists Can Be Not So Great

  1. Too Long: Sometimes we put too much on the list and can't do it all.
  2. Hard to Start: When there's a lot to do, it's tough to know where to begin.
  3. Miss the Big Stuff: It's easy to keep busy with small tasks and forget about the big ones that need more time.
  4. Feels Like You're Not Getting Anywhere: Doing lots of little tasks can make it feel like you're not really getting anything important done.

To-Do List for Making To-Do Lists Work

Just choose one: Pick a task and just do it!

Balance is key: Mix it up with big and small tasks, but keep a note of the important tasks.

Be real with your time: You’ve only got so many hours!

Adapt and overcome: Change up your list as needed.

To-do lists can be super helpful or a bit of a pain. It's all about how you use them. Keep your list short and sweet, and you'll be getting things done and feeling great about it in no time!


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